Nigeria Navy Salary for BSC Nurses, Nature of Job, Retirements

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I got this question about the Nigeria Navy Salary for BSC Nurses from one of our readers.

In fact, this is exactly how we received the question.

“How much does the Navy pay newly recruited BSC nurses and how many years will they stay before retirement?”

Do you have a BSC in Nursing Science and you want to join the Nigerian Navy? If yes, I must say, you have made the right choice. The Nigerian Navy are in constant needs of trained nurses to join their active personnel.

Nurses make an exciting career in the Nigerian Navy as a result of a high paying salary, and working condition. Nurses gain more respect in the Navy than other professions. The services of nurses are highly needed in the Nigerian Navy.

Here are the few responsibilities of Nurses in Nigeria navy

  • They access and plan nursing care requirements.
  • providing pre- and post-operation care.
  • monitoring and administering medication and intravenous infusions.
  • taking patient samples, pulses, temperatures and blood pressures.
  • writing records.
  • supervising junior staff.
  • organising workloads.

Nigeria Navy Salary for BSC Nurses

The Nigeria Navy Salary for BSC Nurses depends on the rank the nurse attend when employed. The higher the rank, the higher they are paid. How much does the Navy pay newly recruited BSC nurses?

From the available information we are able to gather, the newly recruited BSC nurses are made lieutenants and they receive a salary above N3,000,000 per annum. 

BSC nurses join the Nigeria Navy via the the direct short service (DSSC) or through the Nigerian Defence Academy.

See the range of yearly salaries of senior officers below:

  •  An Admiral salary figure is N16,303,140
  • Vice Admiral salary is ₦13,363,229
  • Real-Admiral salary is ₦12,038,945
  • Commodore earns a salary figure of ₦7,385,856
  • Captain salary is N3,715,859
  • Commander earns a salary figure of ₦3,380,086

Nigeria Navy Retirement Year for BSC Nurses

Now, let’s go to the second part of the question, how many years will they stay before retirement? That is, how many years do the newly recruited BSC nurses work with the Nigeria Navy? The answer is 35 years. Just like every other government agency in Nigeria, a worker have 35 years to work after that, retirement sets in.

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