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2020 NGO Jobs in Nigeria and Application Guidelines

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Are you looking for NGO Jobs in Nigeria 2020? If yes, you are in the right place.In this article, we will list the available job opportunities in NGOs that pay well in Nigeria. Here you will both the domestic and international NGO jobs in Nigeria. We also provide the requirements and steps to apply.

Non-governmental Organizations (NGO) is a nonprofit organization which functions independently without the Government. They are organized with the aim of making society a better place.

In Nigeria we have lot of NGO jobs, in this article we will list the NGO jobs in Nigeria 2020, the most popular NGOS to work for in Nigeria, most popular NGO career option, their requirements and their salary structure.

The Most Popular NGOs to Work For In Nigeria

The popular NGOs to work for in Nigeria include:

  1. Total care unit
  2. Action Aid for the unemployed
  3. Rural Urban development
  4. Global peace development
  5. Old peoples support Nigeria
  6. Lygel youths and leadership initiatives
  7. Society for e-health in Nigeria and Telemedicine
  8. Ven Dr.Josiah Alozie foundation.

Most Popular NGO Career in Nigeria

There are several NGO career option in Nigeria some of which include:

  1. Teaching
  2. Sales executive
  3. Field manager
  4. Local livelihoods officer
  5. Conversation education officer
  6. Pharmacy officer
  7. Accountability officer
  8. Finance officer
  9. Field agent
  10. Monitoring and evaluation officer.


NGO Jobs requirement

To work for an NGO in Nigeria, you have to meet the following requirements:

  1. Bachelors or master’s degree in fields such as Education, business management, urban planning or public health.
  2. Experience working years in the related fields.


Salary Structure for NGO Jobs in Nigeria

In most cases the salary of a worker depends on the size of the organization. In Nigeria, the lowest paid NGO employee which are the casual workers earns ₦30,000 a month, while professionals earn ₦70, 000 and above in a month.

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